1. Sam Juliano

    “Strange to say about a film noir, but No Man of Her Own is about decency as much as it inherits the dark nihilism of Woolrich and the contrived entrapment of his heroine in the malevolent tentacles of a malign universe. The decency of a woman who will do anything for her child, of a family that provides succour, and of a man that loves without guile or limit.”

    I am absolutely thrilled to see you come in with such a strong reaction to this classic Stanwyck noir, a film that envelops you with real tension, and as you note a sense of malignancy. The great actress is at the top of her game, and the entire cast is exceptional (again as you note) and the gorgeous cinematography is by Daniel L. Fapp. It’s a distinguished adaptation of one of noir’s most important figures (Cornell Woolrich) and it’s another feather in the cap for Leisen, a Hollywood director who boast at least four films of exceeding quality.

    You make great use of review clips, and of quotes from Woolrich to bring the main question of your heading to readers. The answer of course is the latter.

    Excellent post!

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