1. In his very engaging “Guide for the Film Fanatic” Danny Peary says of NIGHTMARE ALLEY: “No picture of the forties projected a more corrosive atmosphere than director Edward Goulding and scriptwriter Jules Furthman’s striking adaptation of William Lindsay Gresham’s grim, nasty novel……while it sweetens the novel and opts for a “Hollywood ending” the film is more daring than critics of the day contended……Lee Garmes’ noir photography turned what is essentially a strong drama into a frightening horror film…..” Peary makes some other very cogent and insightful observations in his long entry on page 300 of this volume.

  2. Tony D’Ambra’s own take on NIGHTMARE ALLEY is “brilliance incarnate.” He says: “director Edmund Goulding and cinematographer Lee Garmes fashion a monstrous world of dark nights and sordid shadows……there are no actors here: only visages and apparitions that inhabit a shadow play where Jungian archetypes invades your subconscious. Never was a film noir more aptly titles the ‘nightmare at the end of the dark alley of the soul.’

    I am speechless. These kind of observations should be published in volumes. Fascinating stuff!

  3. I am running around today, but I see there are several other excellent posts here, including the one on Graham Greene. I will be looking at these later today or tonite and making appropriate responses. Your latest creative output should not be missed by anyone, much less by film noir fans.

  4. A truly sublime piece, Tony. You’ve more than done this great film justice. Beautifully articulated and compellingly reasoned. Your points are entirely on-target and I am one with you about the film presenting the audience with Jungian archetypes that invade your subconscious. Tremendous!

  5. hahahahah Tony. Message #4 above is mine, not Allan’s. Allan, of course left #3. As Allan is here living with us for thyree weeks, he uses my PC, and the name that was still there when I left message 4 was Allan’s. LOL! Great to see Alexander’s wonderful comment too!

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