1. DeeDee

    Hi! Tony,
    Tony said,”Questar has kindly sent me a complimentary promotional copy.”

    Tony, that is good news that Questar sent you a complimentary promo copy.

    I already own a similar Questar boxset minus the film Suddenly and I have to agree with you, wholeheartedly, when it comes to your assessment of each film on the boxset.

    “DOA ( 1950) The image quality is good, but I have seen a better transfer on late-night TV.”

    I have to give you the thumbs-up…and agree with your assessment of DOA picture quality.

    “Detour (1945) Edgar G. Ulmer’s cult poverty-row noir . Filmed on a shoe-string, this story of a guy so dumb he blames fate for the consequences of his own foolishness, is pure pulp noir, with a career-best from Anne Savage, as the street-wise conniving dame, who incredulously falls for the sap.
    This is the best transfer of Detour I have seen.”

    I have to give you the thumbs-up…and agree with your assessment of Detour picture quality too… But, I disagree with you, when it comes to fate, Tom Neal’s character,(Al Roberts) and that “psycho” lady Ann (“Vera”)Savage, falling for him being considered “incredulously.”

    “The Stranger (1946)Image quality is good.”
    Personally, I don’t think you can find a copy any better…than the one on the Questar boxset.

    “Scarlet Street (1945) This classic film noir from Fritz Lang, shattered the closed romantic realism of Hollywood. It is unremitting in its pessimism. A dark mood and pervading doom are devastating in their intensity.”

    “The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946 ) Stars Barbara Stanwyck and Van Heflin. A dark tale of small town secrets, obsession, and murder.” A very dark noir rife with fascinating psychological puzzles.”

    “The image quality for these two transfers is poor to fair. For Scarlet Street (1945) the KINO digitally restored DVD can’t be beat.”

    Right you are…

    “I have seen a better transfer of The Strange Love of Martha Ivers on television.”

    …Oh! yes, Paramount released a really nice copy of The Strange Love of Martha Ivers that I purchased a year or two ago.

    “Killer Bait (aka Too Late for Tears) (1949) stars Lizabeth Scott as a woman who will do anything to keep $60,000 that falls into her lap.
    Image quality is Ok.”

    The Sentinel, leads with a story by author Eddie Muller, and his quest to try to save this film.(Or rather get a new print striked(Sp)…in time for NoirCity 2011?!?.)
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that is going to happen…The saving of Too Late For Tears, and The Chase.

    “Suddenly (1954) stars Frank Sinatra in his most controversial role as a psycho who holds a family hostage while plotting to assassinate the president.
    A fast-paced b-thriller with a viciously violent protagonist.Image quality is Ok.”

    I have never watched this film…Therefore, I’am going to have to take your word for the picture quality.
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;)

  2. Maurizio Roca

    I’m always wary of buying merchandise from these public domain companies. I always hold out hope that companies like Kino and Criterion end up releasing certain noir titles themselves. Scarlet Street and Night And The City are good examples. If this boxset had a good print of The Big Combo I might have purchased it.

  3. Aye Maurizio, I quite agree, though I also am thrilled to hear that an official company has acknowledged this great place with this long overdue acknowledgement for Tony, much as this place is the altar of film noir online. The best news in this fantastic DVD review (this is the first I’ve seen from you Tony, and you really gave this the attention that would allow anyone to make a purchasing decision) is of course the excellent quality you vouch for DETOUR, though of course there are some disappointment too, especially for MARTHA IVERS, SCARLET STREET and D.O.A. But yes you are right that the remastered Kino (and a stunning Region 2 I own) of SCARLET STREET is the way to go. It does seem like the price is right here though!

  4. […] Attention All Film Noir lovers!!!!  Tony d’Ambra has a post at “FilmsNoir.Net’ that is essential.  Recently, Tony was sent on a promotional copy from a DVD company, and Tony has given the set as comprehensive and honest a review you could hope to find anywhere.  He does make claim though that 5 of the 7 classics here are better than the downloads.  Check it out!: https://filmsnoir.net/film_noir/new-dvd-set-film-noir-collectors-edition.html […]

  5. Hey Tony,
    Great work on these reviews. I received a review copy of this set also, as you probably know. Announced it in Noir Journal along with the release of the revised Film Noir Encyclopedia.
    So far, I’ve only viewed Suddenly from the set–an excellent movie. The acting was a bit stilted at first until Sinatra came on the scene. Always amazed to remember what a great actor he was.
    Probably not noir, although definitely noir elements, but a really excellent film.
    I plan to combine a review of the revised encyclopedia with reviews of a few of the films from the set–in a few weeks, I hope.
    Take care,
    Mike L.
    Noir Journal

  6. The Scarlet Street picture is labeled Tierney, but it should be Bennett. Joan looked her absolute best in the mid ’40s. Collectively, that decade had the most beautiful actresses ever.

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