1. Well, while I would agree Tony, that the omission of directors like Polonsky and Rossen is unconscionable, and we do need non-existing books on screen writers, cinematographers and composers, it is certainly cause for celebration when any new book by this exceptional pair is released. I have owned the Noir Encyclopedis and Film Noir volumes by these two for some time, in fact a mutual dear friend of ours sent them on to me as gifts. I have actually made much use of the lucid and scholarly written volumes as references after this very site of course. More often than not I have shared views with Ursini and Silver, though there were instances where their summary judgement and analysis clashed with my own. Certainly this new volume is one I will obtain very soon (it does seem essential when you add in the towering list of directors that ARE covered, and I’d like to see how they frame each and incorporate their previous film capsules of these artists’ film in a more all-encompassing manner. I really like and appreciate the way you used a specific directot (Feist) to examine a full entry and to find issues with the presentation. I have also seem THE MAN WHO CHEATED HIMSELF and rather liked it, but there is certainly much more to read about it. I look forward to your future analysis of some of noirs’ greatest artists, and much appreciate this exceptionally penned book review, surely the finest on this exciting new volume online!

    To go with the stellar writing, the graphics and typography here are buffo!

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