1. Hi! Tony D’Ambra,
    Do you know how old director Edward Dmytryk would have been today? Because his age have been listed as 99 years old and on other website his age is listed
    at 100 years old today. (respectively,)
    Btw, his “noir” credentials are great!…

    dcd ;)

  2. Hard-Boiled Dick

    Would Raymond Chandler have preferred Humphrey Bogart instead of Dick Powell in Murder, My Sweet? Bogart’s ennui and Chandler’s dialogue would have been a heavyweight, existential knock-out punch. Powell seems like lightweight or welter weightn in this role.

  3. Hi! Tony,
    You know what is “strange” is the fact, that author Raymond Chandler, said, that he preferred actor Dick Powell, portrayal of Phillip Marlowe, over actor Humphrey Bogart portrayal of Phillip Marlowe.
    Go figure?!? :?
    Well, he did say, because Powells’ portrayal was closer to the character (Phillip Marlowe) in his mindeye.
    (I’am paraphasing, but of course!)
    Dcd ;)

  4. HBD and Dcd, as Bogart fans you will pleased! I found here this quote from the book Unless the threat of death is behind them: hard-boiled fiction and film noir
    by John T. Irwin (JHU Press, 2006) here:

    “Chandler himself summed up the difference in a 1946 letter to a friend: Bogart is ‘so much better than any other tough-guy actor that he makes bums of the Ladds and the Powells. As we say here, Bogart can be tough without a gun. Also he has a sense of humor that contains that grating undertone of contempt… Bogart is the genuine article’.”

  5. Hi! Tony,
    I just emailed you, an article…pertaining to author Raymond Chandler, actor Humphrey Bogart and actor Dick Powell.
    and I must admit after reading the article who (Chandler) preferred in the role of (Marlowe) is still “open ended,” well as far, as I’am concerned.

    Dcd ;)

  6. Hard-Boiled Dick


    Thanks for the quote from Chandler’s letter to Jamie Hamilton, dated May 30, 1946.

    Chandler also writes in the same letter, “Bogart is the genuine article.”

    You can find the letter in The Raymond Chandler Papers – Selected Letters and Nonfiction 1909-1959, Edited by Tom Hiney and Frank MacShane, Atlantic Monthly Press, New York


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