1. Sam Juliano

    “Some critics quibble that this central conceit is clumsy, that the chopping up of events and segues between scenes are too contrived and lack narrative cohesion.”

    Ah Tony, I’m afraid this has been my own position on this film for a good number of years after I saw it. However, I have come to appreciate the film more on subsequent re-viewings, especially since my site colleague Allan Fish has always been a big fan. Nolan is a talented guy and his work is never less than imaginative and gripping. As always you get right down to the nitty-gritty with a deft assessment of the film style and themes, urging the reader to to either take a look or re-view MEMENTO.

  2. Greg Gans

    When I first saw this film it was clearly unique. At first it seemed pretentious but the actors particularly the lead held it together. I was unsure if I would stay through it because it felt contrived….and yet by the end the pieces did come together convincingly. Unlike many I did not fret as much about loopholes but was more impressed by the interesting audacity of the script. The only thing I was put off with was the over-the-top use of curse words..very unneeded. Many films unfortunately use this tactic to try to show how true to life or powerful it is. The film, story, cinematography and acting were quite successful. Definitely neo-noir, it warrants more than one showing. Allow yourself to fall into the puzzle and to piece it together. Narrative is life.

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