1. Hi! Tony,
    That was a very interesting video to watch…and your use of an elongated video format was a wise choice…from a visual point of view.

    Tony said,”Surrealism, Mexican-style – as if film noir had collided with props left over from a Ray Harryhausen film.”

    LOL…the scene(s) from this film is (are) surreal…
    …I also like the cinematographer use of light and dark in this film.

    I must admit that I wasn’t familiar Ray Harryhausen’s work on film.
    Well, not until recently, when TCM paid tribute to his work.
    Thanks, for sharing,
    DeeDee ;)

  2. Surrealism Mexican-style brings Luis Bunuel to mind, (especially for LOS OLVIDADOS) and there certainly was a noirish underpinning in GATTACA (which many others might classify as science fiction) but the trailer you show here – not to mention the bizarre context – is definitely an intriguing hybrid. And the trailer is great too!

  3. Steve Press

    I have been looking for this film for some time now. Is it available anywhere? In any medium?

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