1. Thrilled to see a new post up here Tony, especially one that features this too-often neglected classic from early in Renoir’s career. For me it is a near-masterpiece, and a greater film than the Fritz Lang re-make SCARLET STREET. Yes it is very dark, and Michel Simon that iconic French thespian with a one of the greatest of acting resumes gave an extraordinary performance here. The role Michel Simon plays here is very much in the Emil Jennings mode. I am not so sure that I would say this is “darker” than the Lang, mainly because there wasn’t an ounce of relief in that later film, while here in the Renoir there are some lighter passages. But I can certainly see how either position is wholly defensible. Wonderful capsule here on a film all cineastes should see at some point. Essential for a number of reasons.

  2. Thanks Sam. I have been lazy and struggled to get even this short piece up ;) I see it as darker than Scarlet Street largely because Simon has no remorse, while Edward G. was tortured by it. A matter of perspective, but perhaps I have pushed the distinction too far.

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