1. Sam Juliano

    “Dark destiny takes an innocent young man with a limp and throws him onto a nocturnal autostrada littered with blood, a burst suitcase full of cash, and a woman running screaming into the night. A tragedy of gothic proportions played first as an unlikely love story takes you inexorably where so many noirs have taken us before.”

    “He takes his camera and literally spins it around scenes and events. Colors have a brightness and profundity that fuel both the emotional intensity of the protagonists, and telegraph the dangers that will entrap all the players in the end.”

    Some vivid, descriptive writing here Tony, for a film you’ve established as most intriguing! Alas it’s one I am not at all familiar with, but it’s clear enough this is a hole that must be filled in. Films where amnesia is a central theme date back to the Golden Age with RANDOM HARVEST, SPELLBOUND, MIRAGE, PHANTOM LADY, PORTRAIT OF JENNIE and HANGOVER SQUARE, and is acutely examined in more recent films like MEMENTO, TOTAL RECALL and ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND. Interesting that Rubini, writes, directs and acts in the film, and that the always-captivating Kinski plays the vital lead. Quite a terrific defense!

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