1. Sam Juliano

    “From the opening panaromic shots of an isolated city street to the seamless and exciting climax in a darkened art gallery at night, impenetrable shadows haunt the streetscape of a city almost subterranean in its ambience. Add out-of-left field tracking shots that harken to the craft of Max Ophuls, director Fletcher Markle, who co-wrote the screenplay, and his DP Don Malkames, fashion a mise-en-scene of real panache.”

    Great descriptive language and use of persuasive reference points Tony! I have not seen JIGSAW, nor can I say I remember much about it aside from knowing the title. You have me very excited though, as I much approve leaving the box and much appreciate the presence of the excellent Franchot Tone, who was one of the great three lead stars of the 1935 MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY, and an actor with screen presence, class and charm. I remember him well from a Twilight Zone episode called “The Silence” and from some other films from the 40’s. Looks like the crime elements and the femme fatale are hear to establish the noirish foundation and the naturalistic visual look, with those perverse elements that would give this film a special fascination for sure. I love hearing that a “darkly baroque Manhattan” is on display here, and the script projects a “disarming amorality.” Quite the list of actors too in bit parts!! A must-see indeed and a wholly terrific review that had me hanging on every word.

  2. Hey Sam. Thanks for your visit. I must admit I have a soft spot for Franchot Tone, and this perhaps colors my perceptions. His scenes here with Jean Wallace have a spark that recalls the early Bogart/Bacall scenes in The Big Sleep.

  3. Noir Fan

    Correction: Caroline Riggs is the sister not the widow of the murdered man. Tone’s character remarks at the very beginning that Charles Riggs is about to become his brother in law. I have to admit due to sound quality that I was a little confused about the relationship as well. Except I thought that Charles and Caroline were a couple and Tone was Caroline’s brother. After Tone kissed Caroline, I realized my mistake. Lol.

    Some of political rhetoric of the “hate mongers” made me wonder if they were currently employed with Donald Trump’s campaign. We have come so far…

  4. Thanks Noir Fan. If you’re right a rewrite is certainly needed. Forgive me if I check it out first though ;) The print I watched on late night TV was on the edge of falling apart. The fifth columnists were definitely in Trump territory…

  5. Michael Ostrowski

    I also thought that she was his sister! And if not, where was the sister who was going to marry the murdered journalist? I thought it was a serious, even brutal, picture, but the cameos undercut a lot of that for me. Not a good idea at all.

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