Huzzah!! NOIR: An exciting new graphic novel project

Huzzah!! NOIR
©2009 I.N.J. Culbard. Used with Permission.

A group of nine very talented graphic artists/writers have launched an exciting new blog project titled Huzzah!! NOIR.

Each contributor in turn will be contributing a page that develops the story of a washed-up 40s boxer searching for a dame in a dark noir metropolis. Shades of Murder, My Sweet?

So far four pages are up with stunning noir graphics and a promising pulp noir story-line.


  1. Cheers Tony

    glad you’re along for the ride. As you’ve probably guessed there is no script for this project and the strength of the story relies on our shared love of comics and Film Noir and a degree of trust. The only person who knows what will happen next is the one who draws the latest installment.

    There’s something about the spiraling plots in many of my favourite films Noir and Chandler novels that makes me believe this method and Noir could be a perfect marriage. Let’s see….

    Like the site btw. Could become a useful resource.


  2. Hi! Tony,
    Ahh! you, had me at…Huzz… being an artist and “aspiring” graphic designer. I must admit that I visited their website when you posted it(their website)on twitter.
    Thanks, Tony, for the heads-up!.. ;)

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