1. Tony: I have long felt there were more “highs” than “lows” in this largely brilliant film, but I’ll definitely have to agree with you on your summary contention that you ‘wished Kurosawa had focused more on social investigation than police procedure.’ Similarly when you assert that at 143 minutes the film demands your patience and attention, I couldn’t agree more. This has never been an easy film to sit through, and it only bears it’s fruit in the last reel, after what some might feel was a turgid stretch. My absolute favorite Kurosawas are the humanist IKIRU, the epic Shakespearean adapatations Ran and THRONE OF BLOOD and the much emulated RASHOMON, but after that I’d name the likes of HIGH AND LOW and one of the two you mention favorably, STRAY DOG. HIGH AND LOW is unique among Kurosawa’s works in it’s style, framing and blending of what seems to be two different films. I would never pose it as any kind of introduction to the director.

    Flawlessly cogent analysis, with refreshingly frank perspectives!

  2. Peter

    I appreciate this thorough going over and commend you, but I could never sit through this film, as much as I generally love Kurosawa. I always thought I was watching two different films.

  3. bobby J.

    A really enjoyable read and analysis. The screen caps are superbly chosen. I’ll be digging up a copy soon, thanks.

  4. Frank Gallo

    Let’s see…Mifune is great, the ending is rather silly, and much of the framing is right out of the Hitchcock playbook. I guess what I like best is the expressionistic conscription of the city scenes at night.

    Exceptional review.

  5. Maurizio Roca

    Great stuff Tony. Its been a while since I’ve seen this one. Never one of my Kurosawa favorites. I envy your writing at times. When you stretch out with longer pieces it still remains tight and on point.

  6. Hi! Tony,
    What a very interesting review…Unfortunately, I have never watched Kurosawa’s film High and Low (aka Tengoku to jigoku – Japan 1963)

    Hence, the reason for no feedback…However, I may seek this film out to watch…Most importantly, I’am tired Of writing… Unfortunately, I have not watched this film yet…with “yet” being the operative word. :razz:
    …Thanks, for sharing!

    DeeDee :wink: :grin:

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