1. Well Tony, I must say I am thrilled to see a new post from you after a long well-deserved break. I do hope from time to time (or more often than that depending on your hankering) you will impart your incomparable views at this still and always celebrated place for noir fans. You have returned here with a most intriguing review of a film I am soprry to say I have not yet seen. I see it’s available at Region 2 DVD:


    I am more than intrigued with these factors:

    1.) It’s Garfield’s last role, and he passed on shortly after filming.

    2.) The great Franz Waxman wrote the score.

    3.) One of the great cinematographers, James Wong Howe, lensed it.

    4.) It’s another example of HUAC’s witch hunts.

    Yes those fools would find something in that passage! Ha!

    Welcome back!!!!

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