1. Lee

    Though, I think I probably liked the film better than you did Tony, I agree with a lot of what you are saying here. I did find it to be a an intense film that held my interest for the most part. That long take that you mentioned, filmed from the back seat of the car during the heist, is exquisite. And the denoument where the tension ratchets as the noose is tightened on the doomed lovers is deliciously fatalistic.

    However, you are right, the psyches of the two characters are only very shallowly explored. And while Peggy Cummins is quite terrific, her counterpart John Dall is barely adequate in his role. If anything, his performance, along with the acting on some of the supporting roles, is where Gun Crazy shows itself most conspicuously as a B movie. And certainly the script misses a lot of opportunities. The dialogue lacked the snap that could have made the film more memorable & added some depth to the characters. Still, to my mind this is a good solid film, if not quite a great one.

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