1. Sam Juliano

    I have seen and liked KISS OF DEATH (1947), but I admit I haven’t seen GAMBLING HOUSE. I don’t think this one is available on DVD yet. But it appears to have that gritty and enticing noir-look with the deep focus photography and the on location shooting in and around Manhattan. The esteemed Mr. Webb of course, scored a number of Val Lewton films, and was an integral component in their artistry. A few of his score CDs are available, and I own two. Of course it goes without saying that William Bendix is always appealing and Victor Mature has always commanded an audience. I’ll have to check this 80 minute film out. Very nice capsule here!

  2. Thanks Sam. I caught it on late night TV over here. Our public broadcaster has licensed the RKO library for a few years, so titles like Gambling House are on every weeknight.

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