1. Hi! Tony,
    Well, well, well…What an interesting review of a film that I most definitely, was not familiar with…Well that is until after reading your review.

    However, I do plan to seek it (Full Confession) out to watch very soon…
    …Because I just checked my film noir seller, list and lo and behold it is on has list of hard-to-find films. Just one frame and a lobby card…Hmmm…very interesting.

    Thanks, for sharing!
    Oh! Yes, I have already sent this over to Twitter and I plan to post this review over there on Tumblr too!

    DeeDee ;)

  2. Tony: Although you say here that this isn’t a top-flight noir, and admit it’s a difficult film to find, the evidence you lay out here makes for a strong commendation. Heck, we have John Farrow (an excellent director, who heled the superb ALIAS NICK BEAL – a film you covered here just days ago)and distinguished craftsmen, Roy Hunt and Roy Webb, two RKOP alumni from the glory years weaving their own kind of magic within the framework of expressionism and character state-of-mind. The collages and the voice-overs sound like excellent components, and strictly from a historical viewpoint, it’s an essential for genre fans, if not for movie buffs in general.

    This is a superior analysis, one of your finest!

  3. Walker

    Twitter follower. Thank you for writing about this film. I’d never heard of it before.
    So many books say “Stranger on the Third Floor” is the first Noir.
    Perhaps “Confession” is the one that takes the title.

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