1. Sam Juliano

    Wonderful triptych of movie capsules on film on generally very fine films. While I would say I am a bit more on the positive side with Melville’s film that you Tony, I quite understand the frustration with the nihilist underpinnings. This is pretty much evident in a number of Melville’s other work. I could understand this is problematic for many, but for me it is not a mitigating issue, as I am as ever enraptured by the smart dialogue, beautifully framed visuals and fine performances.

    Your use of language in describing MARTHA IVERS is magnificent, and it accurately frames this fascinating film. Stanwyck is always splendid, but you are right to note the quartet of memorable turns. I personally am attracted to gothic melodramas, but this one is special, especially since it contains another excellent Miklos Rosza’s scores.

    I am having a difficult time remembering SOMEWHERE, which I have here on DVD, so I am thinking either I didn’t see it, or saw it too long ago to bring anything of value to the table. Your fabulous re-cap, complete with disclaimers should certainly be enough of a motivational factor.

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