1. The portrait has a head-start so to speak within any thematic interpretation of literature or a film adaptation. One thinks immediately of THE PICTURE OF DORIEN GREY in addition to the aforementioned SCARLET STREET as conforming to the narrative and mimetic devices that the portrait brings to the central themes and issues. Tony, this is really a fascinating read, and it further illustrates where you have taken Films.Noir.net over the past months. It’s no longer a review sight but a place to examine the genre through illuminating prisms. As such it’s a series of extensions that have gloriously negotiated ‘the next step.’

  2. RE: Laura. An ending to the film was shot suggesting that the whole picture was Mark McPherson’s dream, but it was rejected as ineffective. Since the film is narrated by Waldo Lydecker (Clifton Webb) it is hard to take all of it as McPherson’s dream–unless you want to argue that McPherson is also dreaming up Lydecker. I have a chapter on the film in HOLLYWOOD ENIGMA: DANA ANDREWS, which University Press of Mississippi will publish in September.

  3. Thanks for that information and your input Carl.

    It could be the Lydecker narration was added after the dream idea was dropped?

    Looking forward to your book!

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