Double Jeopardy (1955): Pulp Heaven

Double Jeopardy (1955)

A 70 min b-feature  from Republic Pictures, Double Jeopardy,  is an unpretentious thriller, only tangentially noir, and  with a high sleaze factor. The good guys are wooden and boring, and the bad guys irredeemably bad. A boozy blackmailer and his cheap wife are the focus and carry the picture. Pulp heaven.

Double Jeopardy (1955)


  1. LOL Tony! Looks like I made the right decision on passing on this movie from a distinguished Sydney-based noir authority! This seems like one of those films that would been better served as an episode of a television show at this time. Pulp heaven indeed!

  2. Just watched this – a very low rent affair. Gale Robbins and Robert Armstrong were easily the best things it had going for it.
    It had its moments but the cheery, chirpy lieutenant of detectives killed it stone dead every time he appeared.

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