1. DeeDee

    “Now if this isn’t a story about “life” imitating “art” [are] I don’t what else is?!?”

    Oops! :oops: I didn’t mean to include the word “are” in my comment and yes, the link do link back to my administrator’s Ning.

  2. Lee

    Have to admit, I cringed when this movie was associated with the term “weaknesses”. I love this film. I think the fact that the two characters don’t really like each other, yet are planning murder is sort of a fascinating take on the human condition. But I bow to your expertise. It was indeed my introduction to film noir, and really to old films period. Flipping through channels 10 years ago, saw this on cable. Became enthralled enough that I turned it off after 10 minutes – so I could later watch from the beginning. The dialogue and voice over narration is just sublime- that paranoid bit about how Neff started “wearing dark glasses to keep a low profile, then got to worrying people would wonder why he was wearing them” just gets me. Doesn’t get more noir than that.

  3. Hey Lee. Perhaps I am a bit finicky on my identification of “weaknesses”, and really my opinion is no better or more informed than the next guy’s. I can be eccentric to say the least -:) So no need for bows. It is Raymond Chandler’s dialog that gives Double Indemnity its power and elevates it to something greater than Cain’s novel. Great to have your contribution.

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