1. Sam Juliano

    “Deception is a strange film with a metropolitan gothic ambience. Quite avant-garde for a Hollywood soapie of the period, with inventive low angles and expressionist lighting deftly overcoming set-bound constraints.”

    These stunning caps would seriously be the envy of DVD Beaver. I don’t know how you manage this kind of resolution, but I will tell you it’s the best online anywhere. And surely it’s the best this film has look in any incarnation since that opening night back in 1946. No wonder Davis was concerned. Claude Raines chews up the scenery in every film he appears in. He has probably delivered more truly great supporting performances than any actor in history. Yet as you rightly point out Bette Davis is another superstar, and Ernest Heller is a champion of his craft. The window shot reminds me of VERTIGO, though Hitch’s film in in color, and the gothic ambiance you speak of is certainly present in these frames.

    Every texture, shade and minute detail can be seen. Really spectacular.

    I own Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s ravishing score on a Marco Polo CD. He is one of the Golden Age’s greatest composers, and there isn’t a weak work in his catalogue.

    Buffo presentation here in every sense!

  2. Thanks Sam! I must admit to a bit of alchemy with those frames, adjusting contrast and brightness which is lost when taking screen captures, and sharpening each image by a step…

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