1. I wish I could do something other than play cheerleader here, but I am afraid my knowledge of this novel, Gunn and the aesthetics here are incomplete. A shame too, as you have penned a magisterial post, one you should be proud of in every sense. Seems like this has a compelling and odd chemistry, and for for contemporary audiences at this very time with the impending release of the TRUE GRIT re-make, you have done more than raise eyebrows with this intriguing revelation:

    “The comic encounters of this ridiculous aging sleuth are nevertheless successful – albeit not without real danger – she just escapes death at the hands of psychopathic hood in the sands dunes of Frisco in a scene as violent and perverse as you would find in a Coen Bros. movie.”

    Looks like the paperback can be acquired on a lark.

  2. A fun read Sam – Gunn has you hooked from the first page with lines like: “Perfectly poised, she crossed her legs with stunning and careless showmanship”.

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