1. Regrettably I come to this exceptional post with only a third of the pre-requisite viewing in. I have seen THE TRIAL of course, but DEUX HOMMES DANS MANHATTAN is the only Jean-Pierre Melville film I have not set negotiated. I have heard so much about TRUE DETECTIVE, and while I have vowed to investigate it, I have not yet come up with the time required to give it a go. But I will get to it for sure. It took me a while to get around to DEADWOOD, THE WIRE and BREAKING BAD, but once I approached each I went the distance. The setting and the genre (mystery with gothic overtones) The entire enterprise as you superbly delineate it sounds rather Lynchian to me.

    As to the so far unseen Melville I must say your economical assessment has me more than intrigued. As it is I am a huge fan of the director, so this is just a case of me not catching up to it. The caustic satire on urban values, the ironic jazz score and ambient music and the deft editing (always a Melville trademark) has me eager to investigate, not even to mention that there are some marked similarities with SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS, which was filmed at the same time.

    Though all three of your writings here are exemplary, your capsule on THE TRIAL is a flat-out masterpiece. You prose has the kinetic quality of a nightmare, which of course is the proper way to assess this dystopian madness. Welles’ most surreal film with a terrific Perkins performance, it was nice to see Welles with some directorial freedom.

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