1. “While the movie has the flat TV look of the period, the final dénouement in a subway station has an expressionist tone.”

    Tony, I am sorry to say I have never seen this film, nor have I honestly even heard of it in any sense. This is unconscionable, I know, when one considers two of my all-time favorite actors -Rod Steiger and James Mason- play the most major roles in it. To boots we have Stephens, Dickinson and Klugman, and a taut thriller with not one, but three climaxes. You have again treated the noir community to an off-the-radar treat with your usual style of spirited scholarship.

  2. Sam, I was not far ahead of you. Part of the fun here is finding under-appreciated gems like this one. It has been on DVD for a couple of years but a luke-warm reception from the DVD review sites sort of buried it.

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