1. DeeDee

    Hi! Tony,
    I have never watched the 1941 film Blues in the Night, but I “overheard” from fellow noiristas, that Elia Kazan, have a role in the film…Great screenshot! very noirish, but of course!
    By the way, Thanks, for changing the poll question.
    Take care!
    DeeDee ;)

  2. And a perfect visual capture from this film and to convey the essence of ‘blues’ in the big city. And what other place than the Big Apple, where I know this spot, even if the design on the ‘West 43rd Street” marker has been “updated.” I am hoping that visitor to this site realize just how progressive you’ve now approach the genre of ‘noir’ where subtle and not-so-subtle thematic tie-ins convey something better than overlong reviews. I greatly appreciate this showcase.

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