1. Jersey City is about 25 minutes from my home by car, and having spent four years at Jersey City State College, I endured much time on the bus lines and at it’s central depot, Journal Square, which is now the location of the Landmark Jersey City Loews movie palace. It’s now become a melting pot of various Asian nationalities, especially Indians and Middle Easterners, and the vibrant night life you depict here in your noir caps has disappeared, in favor of an ecnomically impoverished urban mecca, rife for many years with finantial mismanagement and massive political corruption. In this sense New Jersey is the most infamous state in the USA. Bordering Jersey City of course is the resurrected Hoboken, which is the famed location of the shooting of 1954’s ON THE WATERFRONT.

  2. DeeDee

    Hi! Tony and Sam Juliano,
    @Tony, Thanks, for posting the very noirish looking screenshots…
    @Sam Juliano, Thanks, for the New Jersey…History lesson 101 too!

    DeeDee :)

  3. Thanks guys. The scenes from which these frames are captured take the breath away – darkly atmospheric and loaded with the nostalgia of lonely nights spent lurking on the wharves of an industrial harbor city late at night – the hookers and the demi-monde only a few blocks distant.

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