1. Sam Juliano

    Ha Tony! Having just two weeks ago again seen MY MAN GODFREY on the big screen (a VERY big screen in fact–the Jersey City Landmark Loews’ 60 footer) I well remember this famous early scene, and can well understand how the inspiration came down here. This is the first time I laid eyes on the newsreel though, and much appreciate this fascinating embellishment. As to your opening paragraph, while I am admittedly in large measure a fan of the screwball sub-genre (GODFREY is actually one of my absolute favorite early comedies) I also respect those who admit they are allergic to this kind of thing, which does require a certain suspension. You may call yourself a cynic, but it hardly takes such a person to find this staccato madness more an annoyance than a comedic revelation. To each his/her own I say.

    Your opening paragraph? Classic.

    Sorry to hear you were under the weather, and happy you are back now.

  2. Leo Parascondola

    Thanks, Tony, for your refreshing and perceptive comments on the screwball genre. I agree that these films, while offering momentary escape, are “essentially reactionary.” I have seen all these films countless times and will return to them. However, I can no longer view them without being reminded that they work to recapture their protagonists back into the normalcy of the status quo.

  3. Thanks Sam. Lombard is hard to resist :)

    Hi Leo. Great to have your response. I wish I was a lot younger and able to enjoy the antics unfettered.

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