1. Hi! Tony D’Ambra,
    I don’t need a heads-up here D’Ambra, because I already added this website to my blog roll when I when I first created my blogroll.

    I must admit that is a very nice article about actor Dana Andrew (That I plan to link directly on my ebloggerspot…some people may wonder which bloggerspot? ha!) and what I feel is the second article that I have read that have taken a “very honest” (pointing out the film “flaw”)look at the Louis Malle’s 1958 film noir Elevator to the Gallows (Ascenseur pour le Chafaud)(Btw, Which I recently just purchased…but I haven’t watch yet!)

    dcd ;)

  2. Tony D’Ambra said,”I gather from posts elsewhere you have a BIG pile of DVDs to get through.”

    D’Ambra, Are you are referring to the box that Sam Juliano, plan to send me or the 30 films that I am watching?!? while I count down with film critic Dean Treadway, his top 30 films from the year 2000 to the present.
    I am assuming that these are the “big pile” of dvds that you are referring to.(Not, to mention the 3 that I just received from my (supplier of film noir dvds who(m) live in Canada, G.McCall.)
    Then right you are! D’Ambra,

    dcd ;)

  3. LOL Dark City Dame!!! You manage to brighten up each and every day with your effervescent personality. Some goodies are indeed on their way to you, but you’ll have a lot of decision-making to decide what to look at first (from the numerous suppliers you acknowledge) Your plate is certainly full. I await your reports.

  4. Hi! Tony as in D’Ambra,
    Get ready to look like that man in that Bright Lights Film Journal 101 ad…Because I have “official” “tagged” you for the “Alphabet Meme” now I am “running away”
    before you can get your “hands” on me! :o
    Check out! my blog for more info(rmation) shortly!
    Never thought you would be “tagged”…hmmm
    Take care!
    dcd ;)

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