1. DeeDee

    Hi! Tony…
    I have watched this film the “Body Guard” only once, but that is “enough” in order for me to seek this film out again.

    Since it’s not available on DVD yet, I will probably have to purchase it from my seller who live in Canada.

    Tony said,”These shots from the movie attest to its visual panache…”

    Oh! Yes, very nice screenshots…indeed!
    One of the reason(s) that I plan to seek it out to watch again.
    Because you have “piqued” my interest once again in a film noir that would have been “overlooked” by me…Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;) :)

  2. “Fast-paced and breezy, and aided by snappy dialog, the picture is all about entertainment. No angst or femme-fatales, just a a good old yarn about the corrupt rich and their criminal machinations.”

    I have not seen this film yet, but I appreciate the relaxed position, where entertainment trumps adherence to standard characters and themes. The shots chosen here are indeed striking and it appears that Lawrence Tierney had one of his more sympathetic roles, when we consider the hard bitten turns he is famous for (BORN TO KILL, RESERVOIR DOGS).

    As always, an enagaging piece, written with authority and referencing. I am at an internet cafe in Manhattan with my wife, readying to watch Jacques Tati’s MON ONCLE at the Film Forum in a restored print.

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