1. Further exploration of this tantalizing theme is given more thematic resonance in these splendidly penned examples. Elements are part of the screenplay of Hitchcock’s SPELLBOUND too.

  2. What is a b-girl? And you mention b-cast in another article.
    Great blog. I’m writing a novel about an amnesiac and I’d never thought about the connection with noir. It makes sense, as it is my favourite film genre.

  3. Thanks Chella and for your visit.

    A b-girl was originally short for bar girl and was also used to describe a taxi dancer. In the noir context it usually refers to a young woman on the edge of polite society – a gangster’s moll or a prostitute for example.

    A b-cast is my short-hand for actors who acted primarily in b-movies of the 30s and 40s – not a-list.

    All the best for your novel.

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