1. DeeDee

    Tony said, “Half-way through the film, the script in a nicely comic interlude introduces another shift back to the station. This throw-away scene, which is so well-crafted it is as memorable as the movie, is shown in the following clip. B-stringer Tina Carver plays the dame.”

    Hi! Tony,
    Wow! This scene said, so very much…without really saying anything…I must admit that was a good bit–of–business.
    Unfortunately, I have never watched the 1956 film “Cry in the Night,” but I will seek it out…If it’s available on DVD…I plan to rent it…if not, I plan to purchase it from one of my ever–reliable sellers.

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  2. A splendid capsule with a terrific qualifying lead-in. Yes, Hollywood cinema of yore was unpretentious, and the goal was entertainment on a level far more soulful than what we are getting today. This is a terrific example of this concept here!

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