8 Useless Facts About Admin…

I have accepted the invitation from Lloydville of mardecortesbaja.com, and herewith post 8 random facts about me, Admin, aka Tony D’Ambra.

I am an Aussie and my day job is independent software vendor.
In a prior life I was a banker.
I love American culture but have never been there.
I used to write poetry and paint landscapes.
I have a wife, two kids, and a cat called Katie.
My most memorable experience is biking in Crete in 1980 and waving to a beautiful girl I will never see again.
My favorite movie is Casablanca.
My first love was Bette Davis in Now Voyager.

I am happy to accept the invite from Lloydville, as we have corresponded, but sorry I am not comfortable inviting other bloggers, who don’t know me from Adam…

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