On the Avenue

Those dames on the Avenue.  Wrapped and decorated exotic empresses. Ice-cold blondes and raven-haired goddesses loping from privileged canopies to long black limousines purring at the road-side. Glimpses of the dream. Full breasts dark hidden valleys of lush abandon. Ivory skin and golden tans. Long languid legs. Heaven between their thighs and a come-on swank … [Read more…]

The dreams are theirs

The dreams are theirs. Those with the easy laughter and healthy complexions. They are comfortable in their  designer skins. Making the ‘hard’ decisions for us. You have your anger. You hold it tight lest they take that too.  Easy to nurture and never absent, it goes where you go – “uptown, downtown, all around”. You … [Read more…]

A dead man walking…

“These city streets are poison. You walk and walk and they take you down. Down and out, a scrap of yesterday’s news swept into and out of the gutter by malevolent fate a dirty wind. You had all the angles tight. All settled. But that suitcase breaks open and those pretty dreams are strewn on … [Read more…]