Cinematic Cities: The Shanghai Night

The Goddess (Shen nu – China 1934) Director Yonggang Wu | DP Hong Weilie One of the masterpieces of the silent cinema starring the legendary Chinese actress Ruan Lingyu,  is a fatalistic story of entrapment and futility, which presages French poetic realism. The film is a profound and mesmerising critique of greed and bourgeois hypocrisy, … [Read more…]

Cinematic Cities: Okinawa Noir

Stray Dog (aka Nora inu) 1949 Director Akira Kurosawa | DP Asakazu Nakai Akira Kurosawa’s 10th film directly inspired by Jules Dassin’s The Naked City (1948), explores the nether world of post-WW2 Japan in a story that parallels the American noir theme of the returning soldier’s re-integration into civilian society. The different responses of two … [Read more…]