Meme A-Z List

I have been tagged by Dark City Dame for the latest meme doing the rounds and started at Blog Cabins. You basically compile a list of 26 favorites films from A to Z, and then tag another 5 film bloggers. My random list which is not limited to noirs follows, and my tags are named … [Read more…]

International Neo-Noirs

Widen your cinematic experience and consider these neo-noir releases: The Conformist (Italy – 1970) Get Carter (UK – 1971) The American Friend (Germany – 1977) Veronika Voss (Germany – 1982) Le Femme Nikita (France – 1990) Zentropa (Denmark – 1991) Foreign Land (Brazil – 1995) Croupier (UK – 1997) Insomnia (Norway – 1997) Fallen Angel … [Read more…]