Noirs on

These films noir can be viewed legally for a limited time (in US only) at A Blueprint For Murder (1953) Boomerang! (1947) The Night of The Hunter (1955) The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three (1974)

Meme A-Z List

I have been tagged by Dark City Dame for the latest meme doing the rounds and started at Blog Cabins. You basically compile a list of 26 favorites films from A to Z, and then tag another 5 film bloggers. My random list which is not limited to noirs follows, and my tags are named … [Read more…]

Coleman’s Noir Corner

Coleman’s Corner in Cinema from Alexander Coleman is one of the more original film blogs on the Web. His substantial essays on important films are fascinating reading. Noiristas will find his reviews of these major films noir particularly rewarding: The Big Combo (1955) The Big Heat (1953) The Narrow Margin (1952) Out of the Past … [Read more…]