10 Never Before on DVD Noirs Released

This month’s Warner Archive new releases include these never-on-dvd-before noirs. BERLIN EXPRESS (1948) KILLER MCCOY (1947) I DIED A THOUSAND TIMES (1955) THE TALL TARGET (1951) PAY OR DIE (1960) SUSPENSE (1946) HIGHWAY 301 (1950) LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE (1951) THE SEARCH (1948) TERM OF TRIAL (1963)

Detective Story (1951): “I built my whole life on hating my father”

William Wyler’s Detective Story (1951)  is an intensely rendered account of a few hours in a New York police-station.  Kirk Douglas as an inflexible embittered detective, dominates with a bravura performance, and is ably supported by an ensemble supporting cast.   Director Wyler uses the constrained space and hot humid weather to build a sense of … [Read more…]