Noir Beat: The Death of Film Noir

The Death of Film Noir Film Noir aficionado and prolific blogger Ray “Cigar Joe” Ottulich from Noirsville has pointed me to a series of on-line essays bearing the title The Death of Film Noir by a certain William Ahearn, where he expounds a fairly pugnacious thesis on the true origins of film noir scholarship. Ahearn explores the … [Read more…]

THE STAND-IN New Film Noir Play Coming to Los Angeles

  An intriguing new play will premiere in Los Angeles at the Bootleg Theater in mid October. THE STAND-IN looks behind the scenes during the filming of the film noir classic “Double Indemnity”. Billy Wilder, the picture’s director, and Kasia, an enigmatic younger woman, struggle for identity as foreigners while the movie is written, shot, … [Read more…]

Nippon Noir: Not everyone wants to be found

The Bad Sleep Well (Japan 1960)

The Bad Sleep Well (1960) Akira Kurosawa’s The Bad Sleep Well (1960) is a caustic tale of corporate corruption and greed, where the surface hides the ugly truth.  The death of a fall guy thrown from a multi-story office block in central Tokyo precipitates a simmering revenge by the victim’s son. Using a stolen identity … [Read more…]

Amnesia and Missing Persons: “our lives dissolve into the evening”

“A little girl is returning from the beach, at dusk, with her mother. She is crying for no reason at all, because she would have liked to continue playing. She moves off into the distance. She has already turned the corner of the street, and do not our lives dissolve into the evening as quickly … [Read more…]

The Noir City: Manhattan Transfer 1925

“Dusk gently smooths crispangled streets. Dark presses tight the steaming asphalt city, crushes the fretwork of windows and lettered signs and chimneys and watertanks and ventilators and fireescapes and moldings and patterns and corrugations and eyes and hands and neckties into blue chunks, into black enormous blocks. Under the rolling heavier heavier pressure windows blurt … [Read more…]

Noirsville: New film noir blog

Arouse (1966)

  Film noir aficionado Ray (“Cigar Joe”) Ottulich has launched a new blog where he will collect his film noir reviews from various forums, and post new reviews and noir-related snippets. The blog is appropriately titled Noirsville. Ray over the past few years has introduced me to a number of b-movies and little-known neo-noirs, and Noirsville is a very … [Read more…]

List of Films Noir In US Library of Congress National Film Registry

Cat People (1942)

A reader has asked which American films noir have been inducted into the US Library of Congress National Film Registry. I did a little digging and identified 26 Hollywood movies in the list that fall under the film noir umbrella.  There are 650 films in the list so the standard e&oe disclaimer applies.   Film Title … [Read more…]