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Film Noir on Blu-Ray: Full List

This year is shaping up as a big year for film noir releases on blu-ray. This listing includes all current releases and those scheduled for later in the year.  All titles can be purchased from the FilmsNoir.Net Amazon Store.

Angels with Dirty Faces – Release Date TBA
Body and Soul – For release Jul 31, 2012
Double Indemnity
Force of Evil – For release Jul 31, 2012
Kansas City Confidential (includes DVD)
Key Largo – Release Date TBA
Kiss Me Deadly (Criterion)
Mildred Pierce – Release Date TBA
Private Hell 36 – For release Aug 21, 2012
Scarlet Street
Secret Beyond the Door – For release Sep 04, 2012
Shadow of a Doubt – Release Date TBA
Strangers on a Train – For release Oct 09, 2012
Suddenly (includes DVD) – For release Sep 25, 2012
Sunset Boulevard – For release Nov 06, 2012
Sweet Smell of Success (Criterion)
The Asphalt Jungle – Release Date TBA
The Big Heat
The Big Sleep – Release Date TBA
The Dark Mirror  – For release Sep 12, 2012
The Killing
The Maltese Falcon
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (inlcudes DVD)
The Stranger (includes DVD)
The Third Man (Criterion)
The Third Man (StudioCanal Collection)
White Heat – Release Date TBA


  1. Sam Juliano

    This is great news for our film watching at home, though of course not the best news for our wallets!! Ha! I am patiently waiting for my MoC DOUBLE INDEMNITY and THE LOST WEEKEND to arrive, and I have a good number of the others here that have been already released, including THE MALTESE FALCON, SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS, NOTORIOUS and KISS ME DEADLY. I am very excited about the July 31st release of FORCE OF EVIL from Olive.

    Film noir fans certainly have reason to rejoice!

  2. Jörn

    A helpful list. Thank you!

  3. I know what I’ll be watching!

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