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Electric nightmares in dark empty warehouses…


Electric nightmares in dark empty warehouses. Dank with the ocean’s chill and the blood of vengeance.

The rotting planks of a pier are suddenly shaken by a heavy thud and then by pounding footfalls. A running figure traverses the dull cone of light from a fog lamp affixed high on a post where the deck meets the shoreline.

The bent outline of a fugitive runs along a wharf in the macabre shadow of a looming gray hulk a brooding inert sentinel under an empty sky. A car door slams. The glimmering ebony saloon roars away, tires sliding atop the wet asphalt, and the headlights raucously stabbing the squalid shadows grown onto the mercantile mausoleums that hover at the perimeter.

Too late the sirens’ screeching cacophony cleaves the silence the careening car has left behind. More car doors slam. The harsh fevered intersecting headlights of the squad cars survey the scene revealing nothing.


  1. Hi! Tony,
    Tony said, “The harsh fevered intersecting headlights of the squad cars survey the scene revealing nothing.”

    What a very interesting short writing with all the noir elements in place, but excuse me for sounding “dense,” but I wonder why was nothing reveal after all the previous commotion or happening on the pier?
    Thanks, for sharing…as usual.

    DeeDee :)

  2. DeeDee, you will have to wait for the next installment..

  3. Your sensory, descriptive pieces are really in a class by themselves. You basically bring the person into the setting as an active participant. “The rotting planks,” “the running figure,” “the bent outline of a fugitive running along a wharf” can alll be suddenly recalled vividly from this superlative prose.

  4. Thanks Sam!

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