1. Love a captivating low camera angle, automatically and literally changing the perspective we have of our everyday lives. Your posts, as interesting as usual.

  2. Ha! Even the visit of the milkman is reminder of a time long since vanished. It’s a shot that drips with atmoshere.

  3. Thanks guys.

    The mis-en-scene when you think about it is quite brilliant. The milk bottle is not only a focal point for the perspective but it is a complex symbol. There is deadline in the plot of 7am, when a ship is scheduled to sale. So the bottle of milk tells that it early morning, that time is running out, but also that there is still a chance as the bottle has not yet been taken in. The milk bottle is not only symbolic of sustenance, but also of nurture, of purity of purpose, of innocence, which echo the character of the desperate protagonist and the nature of his struggle, as he stumbles toward ‘the glass wall’ of the title – the UN building.

  4. Wow, this is a brilliant discussion of the symbolism here!

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