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Cigar Joe’s Latest Homage to Film Noir: Girl Trap

Ray Ottulich has made yet another atmospheric noir video titled Girl Trap,  which features his lovely girlfriend as femme noir Scarlette – very sexy and with an edgy yet softly seductive voice – I love it when she says ‘Tony’!

This time we are back in Hudson, NY, where the heist scenes from that great noir Odds Against Tomorrow  were shot.  The side-door of the bank where the shootout occurred appears briefly at the 4:46 min mark,  and at the end Scarlett heads towards the corner intersection where the bus pulls up and Harry Belefonte sees the traffic accident.

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  1. Sam Juliano

    Again, Ray, you employ the setting to great effect. This is quite a visually captivating, atmospheric short, which deserves wide exposure.

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