1. sam sarowitz

    thanks for the very kind notice! great site!

    sam sarowitz

  2. Hi Tony…your new site is fantastic and we’ll come visit often!!We love your “mug shot”. Thanks again for all the help you have given us with our vintage poster site:

  3. ALOHA TONY! Just discovered your terrific site! I recently started noirbabes.com, and I’m taking the liberty of adding you to my LINKS page. Contact me if you have any comments or objections? You have a killer site! See you at the beach! MAHALO FROM OAHU!

  4. Hi Richard. Thanks for the link! I will have to explore noirbabes.com soonest. I have added a link on my Noir Links page: http://filmsnoir.net/links.

  5. ALOHA TONY! Thanks for the link! Just posted a review of LADY ON A TRAIN by Diane Byrnes from Brisbane. Love your writing style! Would you be willing to alow me to reprint your review of DEAD RECKONING as a GUEST CONTRIBUTOR post -with Full Credit and a link to your site (logo included)?? Please reply when you get some extra time MAHALO!

  6. ALOHA TONY! THANKS FOR THE LINK! I’m adding an additional link to your site on my Cyberlink Page. Still foaming at the mouth to post your terrific review of DEAD RECKONING! Would be happy to provide FULL CREDIT,ADDITIONAL LINKS,etc.- promotion-wise. I have only a few GUEST CONTRIBUTORS. Getting the green light from you would be real boost! Contact [email protected] or visit noirbabes.com

  7. Hi,

    Your site is great. I’m linking my page to it. Would you add a link to mine?

    Life and Death in L.A.


  8. Thanks Paul! I will add a link to your site soonest – looks very interesting. I will be moving my blogroll back to the sidebar shortly. Tony

  9. Hello Tony,

    Thank you very much for your site.
    I join to you the link for my last short film. It’s a film noir with shadows…
    I used and mixed footages of 56 movies to tell my story! I made this short film to promote my long feature script.
    I hope you enjoy.



  10. Hi Fabrice. I will check it out!

  11. Fantastic video Fabrice! I will post on it today.

  12. Hi Tony,
    Thank you very much for the silhouettes!
    Thank you for your kind words and for the presentation of my short film.
    It’s a great honor to be here. My shadow and I are very happy!
    Thanks again!
    All the best,


  13. Fabrice, I must say your short film was dazzling. I wish you all the success with it!

  14. Jörn

    Great site! – Very insightful articles. I’ll visit again soon. Greets from Germany!

  15. Ray Starman

    Would like you to read my book “TV Noir:the 20th Century”, the first book to chronologically analyze film noir techniques applied to tv series drama. On Amazon Books, it was recently reviewed on Bookgasm.com, TVConfidential.net-archived program#74 and in “The Popular Culture Review”/winter 2011 issue. Can send complimentary copy for perusal or review. Also check worldcat.org and Books.google.com. Thanks for your interest.

  16. Danke Jörn!

  17. David

    A wonderful site, Tony. I’ve been using your ‘Essential Noirs’ list as a reference point in collecting these titles in their various DVD guises, and it’s been exceptionally useful.

    I’m having a great time reading through your posts and articles. Terrific stuff!

  18. Thanks David. Feedback like yours is very much appreciated!

  19. Love your site.
    I just wrote and self-published through Createspace a monograph on five important low-budget/noir directors: Edgar Ulmer, Ida Lupino, Gerd Oswald, Hugo Haas, and Reginald LeBorg. It is available through Amazon.
    I have written with Alain Silver extensively on film noir, including the Film Noir Reader series, LA Noir, and numerous DVD commentaries.

  20. Ooops. Forgot to say the name of the book: Directors on the edge: Outliers in Hollywood.

  21. It is a real pleasure to have your comment James. All serious film noir fans are aware of your major contribution to the study of the cycle. I will head over to Amazon soonest to get the lowdown. Expect a post on the book shortly. Wishing you success with your new publication. Tony

  22. It’s thrilling to see James Ursini here at FILMSNOIR.NET. Your seminal volume with Alain Silver is one of my most cherished holdings. I will check out your newest release on amazon as well!

  23. Thanks Tony for Posting about Noir Nation. As an update, much has happened since the Kickstarter campaign.

    Noir Nation is an international journal of crime fiction available world-wide in eBook format. It contains stories, essays, and graphic stories of high literary quality, and will be published in English, French and Spanish. We are now working with an eBook aggregator and the first issue will be for sale world-wide from online booksellers on September 1, 2011.

  24. Hello Tony,
    Thanks again to you for all you have done for the shadows!
    “Dans l’ombre” is selected this month to the Filminute Festival. I made a 1′ version of the film. It’s a competition beetween 25 shorts! I join to you the link. You’re free to share and participate of course!


  25. Sorry Tony,
    I send to you an active link :
    Thank you!


  26. Great news Fabrice! Congratulations and I wish you the best for the competition.

  27. Hi Tony, your website is incredibly informative and very nicely laid out. If you are interested we are doing a film noir rock opera, feel free to check it out. Thank you for providing such a great site!

  28. Thanks Joseph. I will indeed check out your site. PS: I have added a link to ‘Rock a Bye Dead Man’.

  29. Thanks Tony! I really appreciate it. Wishing you all the best.


  30. Hey, Tony.

    Thought you and your readers might enjoy my latest vid, with footage taken from public domain properties like “International Crime” and “Driven to Kill,” along with video taken over the last month here in New Orleans (see if you can tell which).

    At any rate, I hope you enjoy it even half as much as I like your site.


    Louie L


  31. Great Louie! I have put up a special post featuring your video. Tony

  32. thanks. I did like finding the noirish bits in my hometown. No surprise the Coens found so much to use in “Millers Crossing.”

  33. Great site by a kindred spirit, love it. I have always been attracted to the gritty, dark underbelly of society, the other side of the tracks if you will, and I started to express that attraction in drawings and paintings and have since progressed to video so here I share some pieces I’ve helped to create with you. Enjoy.

    First up is “Tony Mars A Case of Murphy’s Law” most of the images are from Hudson, NY which was the location for the bank job in one of the last Film Noirs “Odds Against Tomorrow”, and more recently for Paul Newman’s “Nobody’s Fool”. Music is “Harlem Nocturn” & the TCM late night bumper.

    Tony Mars A Case of Murphy’s Law


    Next is a homage to Femme Fatale’s “Not Tonight” music is from opening credits to Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and the TCM late night bumper. Opening title sequence is an homage to Kiss Me Deadly

    Not Tonight


  34. Nice work Joe! I have posted on “Tony Mars A Case of Murphy’s Law”. Tony

  35. Hi Tony,

    Here is another homage to Film Noir and “crime jazz” called “T.N.T.” enjoy.


  36. Hi,
    My name is Dorian Dardar. My love of Cinema forced me to Produce an Ultra-Low Budget FIlm called “Just Another Noir”, available now on Amazon.com. I would like it very much if you could help me reach the noir loving audience by reviewing, or listing my film on your site.


  37. Hi Tony! I love the blog and was hoping that you’d be interested in checking out a short neo noir I made that applies the elements of classic noir to stereotypical toy collectors. It’s called “The Widow’s Toys.” It’s far from perfect and I’m well aware of the flaws and everything, but still, It would mean a whole lot to me if you’d check it out. I love noir and I just want to give something new to the genre. Thanks! Keep up the great work here.

    The movie can be found here:

  38. Hey Bobby. Looks like you had fun making it. The characters are too nice ;)

  39. Hi Tony!

    I’m a big noir fan, and recently completed a short neo-noir for a website that I co-founded, finite-films.com. We make movies based on “constraints” our fans submit (e.g. “one scene must take place in the rain”), and for this one someone submitted “must be in the style of a 40s noir.”

    I spent a lot of time researching, and I already knew a lot about noir because it’s one of my favorite genres. I would love it if you could take a look and share any thoughts you have on it.

    Thanks for your time!

    Film link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx1e7AGthfo

  40. Tony D'Ambra

    Hey Michael

    Very impressive.  Great use of voiceover and flashback.  Elegant camera-work, direction and editing, with an effective low-key score.  The leads are very good and convincing – the girl is a dish!  The script is intriguing and the playbook compelling.  

    The only weaknesses are that the ending is a bit confusing as motive is not clear, and in some scenes the dialog comes across as hackneyed, for example ‘scene of the crime’ in “I saw you at the scene of the crime”.  Something like “You were there – I saw you” would sound better.

    I will feature the video in a post at filmsnoir.net later in the week.


  41. Greetings to all fellow film noir lovers, I am writing from Anchorage, Alaska, to ask for your help.

    We made a short film for a competition with the Anchorage International Film Festival. We wrote, shot, edited the short in 5 days. We are Youtube “like” dependent and can use whatever help you can give. Even just one “like” on YOUTUBE (not Facebook) can help save Christmas for our team. Thanks!!!!

    Please, click on the link below to check out the short and vote with a like.

    It’s a gritty film noir with some Dexter flavorings.


    Here is more information about the QuickFreeze competition: http://electricigloocreative.com/quickfreeze/

  42. Kathy

    Hello all Film Noir Fans,

    I’m hoping that someone on this wonderful site might be able to help me.

    I’m looking for the following poster and I’m wondering if anyone has seen it or knows of a collector who may have it.

    Forgive the link this is the only image of this I have found:


    Thank you all in advance for your time.

  43. Frederic Huybens


    A small correction: it’s not “la nuit de carrefour” but “la nuit du carrefour”.

    All the best

  44. Merci Frederic!

  45. Hey Tony! Your site is awesome!

    I’m a photographer who has been collaborating with a writer to create a film-noir inspired photo/text series that revolves around coffee. It’s hard to describe… but I think you’d enjoy it and you can see the first ‘episode’ here:


  46. Hi Mark. Interesting concept. I certainly look forward to developments. I will tweet it. Tony

  47. Tony

    I thought you might enjoy these clips from a noir feature I am directing.


    Great noir site!

  48. Sorry for the delay in responding Thomas – I have been on sabbatical. I have tweeted the link and will check it out soonest.

  49. Hello,

    I am a part of my brother’s film production crew for The Depths. The script is fantastic and is a film noir story on two writers trying to write the next big crime story but the obsession becomes too great for one and overtime their relationship deteriorates and the script becomes a reality.

    My brother, Jamison LoCascio is extremely talented and our team also includes the producer Louis Ambrosio, executive producer Jay Thames and casting by Judy Henderson (all available on IMDB). We are struggling to get support for the campaign would and other film noir fans be able to support us? Anything makes a difference, as well as spreading the word to help us get one step closer to making this film a huge success.


    Warm regards,

  50. Hi Lisa. Thanks for your visit. I have featured your IndiGogo campaign on my Twitter, Facebook, and Google + feeds. Good luck with your project.

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